Started in 2013 as WatchKaka, is one of the most widely read watch blogs in the world. You’ll find a passion from our writers that’s hard to match. With constantly updated news, reviews and critiques, kakani caters for all levels of luxury from entry-level to the top. Kakani also covers watch events…

Kakani initially started with Katie Karson. Although it took time, she built up plenty of faithful followers of the website. With the help of new contributing writers and editors, our blog is constantly updated with new articles of a wide range of topics.

The two most popular age groups for Kakani Watches Blog readers is 40-50 and 30-40 with most visiting from the USA, but Europe and Asia are also heavily populated with the audience.

You’ll find our articles are covered on many other popular websites on the internet to bring you closer to the watches you love. Most of our contributors also write for other websites too so make sure you check their work on other sites too.